Friday, 8 June 2007

D 1.0 to be frozen in carbonite

So after much crying and gnashing of teeth, Walter has finally confirmed what I'm sure a lot of D users have been waiting to hear:

It's getting pretty clear to me that the 1.0 series won't get any new features, just bug fixes, as the recent 1.015 release suggests.

The new features will all go into the 2.0 series.

Walter Bright, Re: Do we need a time-out in D evolution?

This is somewhat mixed news. It's good in that we will now (hopefully) end up with a nice, stable compiler release and a less stable but cutting-edge experimental compiler release. It's bad in that it means more work for Walter; he introduced the largely unused -v1 compiler switch so that he wouldn't have to maintain two compiler branches.

Interesting question: does this mean GDC is going to branch, too?

That's very funny. You know something? No new features for you!

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